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Welcome to the ROG Fantasy Home – Entrance!

The third architectural set of the Fantasy Home series adds an entrance to your Fantasy Home that connects to the hallways from the Fantasy Home – Hallway product.
Like all Fantasy Home rooms, this set comes with interiors, exteriors, and an exterior facade that is easy to swap out for future facades.

Decorate your entrance easily with the ROG Fantasy Home- Entrance Furniture Set that includes scene subsets to automatically decorate the interior.

As a bonus for owners of the ROG Fantasy Home – Hallway Furniture Set, this product adds scene subsets that will also allow you to automatically decorate the entrance with that set, giving your old furniture new life!

This product includes:

  • 2 variants of the entrance in different lengths
  • Several versions of each length (with and without side windows)
  • 2 exterior facade variants
  • 3 different exterior facade paint colors
  • Scene subsets for the ROG Fantasy Home – Hallway Furniture Set to help you decorate your entrance with it
  • Day and night Iray render settings
  • Optimized textures, wasting no VRAM





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