Kola 8.1 Add-On for MetaMixer


Enhance your MetaMixer Toolkit with the likeness of Kola 8.1!

The MetaMixer Toolkit is a Daz Studio tool that enables users to create unique faces from a selection of previously released characters via add-ons for Metamixer. Add the Kola 8.1 Add-On for MetaMixer to your collection and effortlessly blend and perfect character features with pinpoint accuracy in real-time, all with an easy-to-use viewport UI.

While owning Kola 8.1 will always be the best way to benefit from the character’s full-body features, this MetaMixer Add-On allows you to use that character’s head shape in MetaMixer whether or not the character is in your library.

Don’t have MetaMixer yet? Add the MetaMixer Toolkit to your library today.






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  • 会员用户特权:免费
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