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Z Sisters is a brand new and unique pose collection of Adorable and Sweet Couple Poses with Mirrors. You can use the poses in various different scenarios as they are extremely versatile. Your girls can be twins, friends or in a relationship. The choice is yours!

The set includes 24 Poses with Mirrors, so 48 Total for Genesis 3 and 48 Poses Total for Genesis 8 Female. Each pose was created with a focus on the little details such as lifelike hands, natural positioning, and realism.

Z Sisters 是一个全新的独特姿势系列,包含带镜子的可爱甜蜜情侣姿势。 您可以在各种不同的场景中使用这些姿势,因为它们用途广泛。 你的女孩可以是双胞胎、朋友或恋爱关系。 这是你的选择!

该套装包括 24 个带镜子的姿势,因此 Genesis 3 共有 48 个姿势,Genesis 8 女性共有 48 个姿势。 每个姿势的创建都侧重于小细节,例如栩栩如生的手、自然定位和真实感。


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