CB Imani G3F插图 CB Imani G3F插图(1) CB Imani G3F插图(2) CB Imani G3F插图(3) CB Imani G3F插图(4) CB Imani G3F插图(5) CB Imani G3F插图(6) CB Imani G3F插图(7) CB Imani G3F插图(8) CB Imani G3F插图(9)


Imani is a hand sculpted custom character with standard morph additions.

All Diffuse, Specular, Normal and Bump Maps are HD quality for a more realistic render finish.

Metallic Eye and Lip overlays can be applied directly to the skin or over your choice of lip or eye shade. Mix and Match to suit your own taste and scene.

Iray Spotlight included.

G8F Face and Body Morphs included!

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