4K Metal Shader Presets 1 for Iray


New from Handspan Studios, 4k Metal Shader Presets 1 for Iray. A series of richly textured metals and patterned metals with variable patinas.

Handspan Studios 的新产品,适用于 Iray 的 4k Metal Shader Presets 1。 一系列质地丰富的金属和带有可变铜锈的图案金属。

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aniMate Catwalk Construction Kit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males


Presenting aniMate Catwalk Construction Kit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males, a set of animation blocks for creating catwalk gaits for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Male characters. These are super realistic pieces of animation that fit together perfectly to create neatly finished animations.

Although this is a constructor for male characters, it works great with Female characters too. Therefore, if you want your female character to walk like a man, you are welcome.

为 Genesis 8 和 8.1 男性展示 aniMate Catwalk 构建套件,这是一组用于为 Genesis 8 和 8.1 男性角色创建时装步态的动画块。 这些是超逼真的动画片段,它们完美地组合在一起以创建整洁的动画。

虽然这是男性角色的构造器,但它也适用于女性角色。 因此,如果你想让你的女性角色像个男人一样走路,欢迎你。

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The M758 All Terrain Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) is a troop transport used by the United Colonial Marines. The M758 evolved from the Marine’s 755 battlefield personnel carrier, which proposed a requirement for a medium weight APC capable of traversing most types of terrain.

M758 全地形装甲运兵车 (APC) 是联合殖民地海军陆战队使用的运兵车。 M758 从海军陆战队的 755 战场运兵车演变而来,它提出了对能够穿越大多数类型地形的中等重量 APC 的要求。

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Appliques Styles for Verse Clothing Sets


Appliques is an elegant, detailed set of styles for all Verse Clothing Sets.

Appliques 是一套优雅、细致的款式,适用于所有 Verse 服装套装。

Required Products:

  • Verse Ode Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females
  • Verse Moi Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females
  • Verse Outre Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females

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Beata for Genesis 8 Female


Get ready for fashionable fun with Beata for Genesis 8 Female!

Beata is a mature female character for Genesis 8 Female with options to customize her for your needs.

为 Genesis 8 Female 的 Beata 准备好享受时尚乐趣!

Beata 是 Genesis 8 Female 的成熟女性角色,可以根据您的需要自定义她。

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Bella Cranberry for Genesis 3 Female


A beautiful japanese / asian girl, this is a new character for Genesis 3 Female.

美丽的日本/亚洲女孩,这是 Genesis 3 Female 的新角色。




Bodystocking Textures for the Marvelous Bodysuit


Textures for Marvelous Bodysuit in  Iray and 3Delight materials.

用于 Iray 和 3Delight 材质的 Marvelous Bodysuit 的纹理。

Required Products: Marvelous Bodysuit for Genesis 8 Female(s)

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Boho Chic Textures for dForce Feelin It G8F


Boho Chic Textures for dForce Feelin’ It Outfit G8F by Lilflame & Sveva.

Lilflame & Sveva 为 dForce Feelin’ It Outfit G8F 设计的 Boho Chic 纹理。

  • 05 Textures/Materials for the Shorts
  • 05 Textures/Materials for the Top
  • 05 Textures/Materials for the Sleeves

Required Products: Feelin It Outfit for Genesis 8 Females

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Car Viter


The Car Viter is a four-seat automatic car, with the car body is made of carbon fiber in a futuristic style.

The set includes eight exterior and interior colors and two types of rendering materials: 3Delight and Iray. Genesis 8 passenger poses are also included.

Car Viter是一款四座自动档汽车,车身采用碳纤维打造,极具未来感。

该套装包括八种外观和内饰颜色以及两种类型的渲染材料:3Delight 和 Iray。 Genesis 8 乘客姿势也包括在内。

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CLOTHING – JSN Nun Habit and Rosaries for G8F


CLOTHING – JSN Nun Habit and Rosaries for G8F.

Support Links:

  • https://www.patreon.com/sp3dresources
  • https://www.deviantart.com/squarepeg3d/art/CLOTHING-JSN-Nun-Habit-and-Rosaries-for-G8F-921709354



Clothing Assembly 7 For G8F


Clothing Assembly 7 For G8F.

G8F 的服装组装 7。

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CruX Rebel Rock G8F G9


CruX Rebel Rock G8 includes the original G3 versions of the Rebel Rock Bra and Rebel Rock Pants, packaged together and refit for Genesis 8.0, 8.1. And although the pack was not created or packed specifically for Genesis 9 or V9.

CruX Rebel Rock G8 包括原始 G3 版本的 Rebel Rock Bra 和 Rebel Rock Pants,打包在一起并为 Genesis 8.0、8.1 改装。 尽管该包不是专门为 Genesis 9 或 V9 创建或打包的。

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dForce – Empress Gown for G8F


dForce – Empress Gown for G8F.

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dForce Imola Outfit


The dForce Imola Outfit is a little but elegant set. It’s great for mixing and matching with other outfit elements. Plus, it has dForce support.

dForce Imola 服装是一套小巧但优雅的套装。 它非常适合与其他服装元素混合搭配。 此外,它还支持 dForce。

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dForce Raven Black Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)


An outfit that any free-thinking, anti-conformist teen would be proud to wear… stylish pants, off the shoulder top, high heels and jewellery to match.

The necklace can be dforced as well, adjust the rigid follow node pendant after simulation to suit the pose.



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dForce Step It Up Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)

3D模型素材合集 DZA3D模型素材合集 2022年11月27日Pack01


Step it up with the dForce Step It Up Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)! This awesome outfit comes with Pants, long-flowing Top, and Heels.

穿上适用于 Genesis 8 女性的 dForce Step It Up 服装,让自己更上一层楼! 这款超棒的服装配有裤子、长飘的上衣和高跟鞋。

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Disreputable Lair


Disreputable Lair is the place where bad guys hang out at the bar, and there’s usually an illegal gambling den too. It’s also not uncommon for a bar brawl to break out and the local thugs attempt to intimidate the newcomers.

Disreputable Lair 是坏人在酒吧闲逛的地方,通常还有一个非法赌博窝点。 酒吧斗殴和当地暴徒试图恐吓新来者的情况也并不少见。

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Double Buns Hairstyle for Genesis 8.1 Females


Ideal for a summer day, a relaxed style, or training, the Double Buns Hairstyle is perfect for your Genesis 8.1 Female. The sunglasses and hair accessories complete the look.

双包子发型非常适合夏日、休闲风格或训练,非常适合您的 Genesis 8.1 女性。 太阳镜和发饰使造型更加完美。

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Dragonhide PCS Bundle


The Dragonhide Powered Combat Suit is outfitted for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Male and Female and ready to take your science-fiction renders to a whole new level.

Dragonhide 动力战斗服适用于 Genesis 8 和 8.1 男性和女性,并准备好将您的科幻渲染提升到一个全新的水平。

This product includes the following products:

  • Alpha Loadout for Dragonhide PCS
  • Dragonhide Poses for Dragonhide PCS
  • Texture Expansion for Dragonhide PCS
  • Dragonhide PCS for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Male and Female

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Easy Control for Genesis 9 Male Genital


This product enables you to easy pose the Daz Original Genesis 9 Male Genital to complement your poses.

Adjust the length, thickness, position and shape (like flaccid or erect, glans shape etc.) and much more with ease.

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Effigy Bundle


The Effigy Bundle is a bundle of the Effigy Plinths, Hair Models, and Geoshell Builder.

Effigy Bundle 是 Effigy Plinths、Hair Models 和 Geoshell Builder 的捆绑包。

This Bundle Includes:

  • Effigy Plinths
  • Effigy Builder Geoshell for Genesis 8.1 Female
  • Effigy Statue Builder Presets
  • Effigy Hair Models for Genesis 8.1 Females

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Elevator For DS


A heavily customised Steampunk (Dieselpunk or Victorian) themed elevator with iron work front and walls made of steel mesh, an interesting lighting and designed to fit inside the stairwell.

The elevator goes up and down, its doors open (on all floors) its control lever works and the lift operator stool is movable.

This set also has a series of skyscrapers lamps, propaganda posters and a huge television screen.

Ideal for your historical, action, romantic scene in Steampunk, Dieselpunk or Victorian themes.





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Ellie Williams Lookout The Last Of Us 2


Ellie Williams Lookout Outfit The Last Of Us 2 for G8F.




Ellie Williams Raincoat The Last Of Us


Ellie Williams Raincoat Outfit The Last Of Us for G8F.




Ersandmyne Cabin


Ersandmyne Cabin’s interior has such beautiful colors combined into one place. It isn’t too loud, and the furniture’s colors still complement each other even if the colors are different.

The sunroom is the best part in this house as you will see the sun rise, sun set, and the stars at night. It’s such a relaxing part of the area.

Ersandmyne Cabin 的内饰将如此美丽的色彩组合成一个地方。 声音不大,即使颜色不同,家具的颜色也能相得益彰。

日光浴室是这所房子最好的部分,因为您会看到日出、日落和夜晚的星星。 这是该地区令人放松的一部分。

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Feelin It Outfit for Genesis 8 Females


Files included:

  • Pants
  • Sleeves
  • Bra
  • 17 Materials Iray

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FG Bathroom Scene


The FG Bathroom Scene is a beautiful and elegant bathroom with a shower and a spectacular view.

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Geo-Grafting Navel and Nipples for Genesis 9


Genesis 9 uses HD morphs to create navel and nipples. However, some users do not use HD morphs. For that reason, I made GeoGraft navel and nipples.

Genesis 9 使用 HD 变形来创建肚脐和乳头。 但是,一些用户不使用 HD 变形。 出于这个原因,我制作了 GeoGraft 肚脐和乳头。

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VERSUS – Heartless Jewelry for Genesis 8 Females


“VERSUS” is a companion texture set for Heartless Jewelry for Genesis 8 Females by lilflame.

“VERSUS”是 lilflame 为 Genesis 8 女性设计的 Heartless Jewelry 的配套纹理集。

Required Products: Heartless Jewelry for Genesis 8 Females

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Hero-in-Training Genesis 8 Poses: Amateurs



Whether you’re just beginning or if you’ve been at it for a while, it’s important to practice — that goes for Superheroes too! Give your 3D super-powered Genesis 8 characters the opportunity to stretch their legs, test their limits, push their boundaries.

无论您是刚刚开始还是已经学习了一段时间,练习都很重要——超级英雄也是如此! 让您的 3D 超能力 Genesis 8 角色有机会伸展他们的腿,测试他们的极限,突破他们的界限。

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Home, Sweet Home for Daz Studio


Home Sweet Home is a full scene for your creations! It has living room, corridor with stairs and veranda with rocking chair.

Scene size corresponds with genesis size. Product containes 30 props not including: walls, floor, ceiling, stair, windows and spots (they are only in the scene).

Home Sweet Home 是您创作的完整场景! 它有客厅、带楼梯的走廊和带摇椅的阳台。

场景大小与创世大小相对应。 产品包含 30 个道具,不包括:墙壁、地板、天花板、楼梯、窗户和点(它们仅在场景中)。

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Ironman for Genesis 8 Male Daz3D


Ironman for Genesis 8 Male Daz3D.

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Jin Sakai – Ghost of Tsushima G8M V3


Download links:



  • 普通10乐币
  • VIP免费



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