10-in-1 Casual Wardrobe Must-Have Textures


Don’t miss out on the 10-in-1 Casual Wardrobe Must-Have Textures, a texture pack for the 10-in-1 Casual Wardrobe product by outoftouch.

With this pack, you get 6 fully-detailed, high-resolution texture styles for each item.

不要错过 10 合 1 休闲衣橱必备纹理,这是 outoftouch 的 10 合 1 休闲衣橱产品的纹理包。

使用此包,您可以为每件物品获得 6 种细节丰富的高分辨率纹理样式。

Required Products: 10-in-1 Casual Wardrobe for Genesis 9

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Anarkia Outfit Textures


The Anarkia Outfit Textures add-on gives you 4 additional materials for the Anarkia Outfit. Choose from a variety of preset outfits or mix and match to make your own personal style!

Anarkia Outfit Textures 附加组件为您提供了 4 种用于 Anarkia Outfit 的额外材料。 从各种预设服装中选择或混合搭配,打造您自己的个人风格!

Required Products: Anarkia Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females

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Archanthia Realm


Arcanthia Realm is a dforce fantasy guardian costume, and comes complete with 11 models by Ravenhair and 2 different element-inspired, detailed Iray texture looks by Moyra, plus a complete set of tip files and hierarchical material settings for one click model application and look changes.

Note: There is a PDF with dforce simulation instructions for Archanthia Realm included in the Documentation folder.

Arcanthia Realm 是一款 dforce 幻想守护者服装,配有 11 个 Ravenhair 模型和 2 个不同元素启发的 Moyra 详细 Iray 纹理外观,以及一整套提示文件和分层材料设置,用于单击模型应用和外观变化 .

注意:Documentation 文件夹中包含一个 PDF,其中包含 Archanthia Realm 的 dforce 模拟说明。

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B.E.T.T.Y. Garden Furniture 01


B.E.T.T.Y. Garden Furniture 01 is a set of 14 detailed vintage outdoor furniture props.

With 3 metal variations for each, they will enhance any garden, porch, or patio scene!

B.E.T.T.Y. Garden Furniture 01 是一套 14 个精致的复古户外家具道具。

每个有 3 种金属变体,它们将增强任何花园、门廊或庭院场景!

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Batista 2k20 For G8 Male


Batista 2k20 For G8 Male.

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Boho Cottage: The Bathroom


The “Boho Cottage Bathroom” is ready for your unique and interesting characters.

The colorful atmosphere of this Bathroom comes complete with a sink, a bathtub and toilet.

“Boho Cottage Bathroom”已为您独特而有趣的角色做好准备。


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Brigit Hair for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females


Brigit Hair for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females is a detailed, shoulder-length hairstyle that’s carefully crafted using strand-based hair technology and utilizing the Blended Dual Lobe Hair Shader.

Included are 32 color options to choose from and 2 density/resolution presets, as well as morphs and H.Pose presets.

Genesis 8 和 8.1 女性的 Brigit Hair 是一款精致的齐肩发型,采用基于线束的头发技术并使用混合双叶头发着色器精心打造。

包括 32 种可供选择的颜色选项和 2 种密度/分辨率预设,以及变形和 H.Pose 预设。

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Celtic Rings for Genesis 8 and 9


The rings from the Celtic nations were forged with the beauty of gold and the resilience of bronze.


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Chief Brian Irons For Genesis 8 and 8.1 Male


The evil police chief from Resident Evil 2 Remake can now chase Sherry through the house with this character for Daz3D Genesis 8 and 8.1 males!

来自 Resident Evil 2 Remake 的邪恶警察局长现在可以使用这个适用于 Daz3D Genesis 8 和 8.1 男性的角色在房子里追逐 Sherry!

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Cristina for Genesis 8 Female

3D模型素材合集 DZA3D模型素材合集 2022年11月20日Pack01


Cristina is a beautiful stylized character with original body and face morphs for Genesis 8 Female.

She have a gorgeous texture including genitals, 1 full body L.I.E. Tattoo set, 7 eye, 7 make-up(L.I.E), 7 lips(L.I.E.) and 7 nails options. The textures are Iray Optimized. She is perfect for your scenes. The L.I.E. Materials can be used in any character with any texture.

Cristina 是一个美丽的程式化角色,具有 Genesis 8 Female 的原始身体和面部变形。

她有一个华丽的质地,包括生殖器,1 个全身 L.I.E. 纹身套装、7 只眼睛、7 种彩妆 (L.I.E.)、7 种嘴唇 (L.I.E.) 和 7 种指甲可供选择。 纹理经过 Iray 优化。 她非常适合你的场景。 谎言。 材质可用于具有任何纹理的任何角色。

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Deceitful for dForce Deception Dress for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females


Deceitful is a brand new texture pack for Sveva’s dForce Deception Dress for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female(s), with this pack you’ll get 12 new fully detailed high-resolution texture styles.

Deceitful 是适用于 Genesis 8 和 8.1 女性的 Sveva 的 dForce 欺骗连衣裙的全新材质包,使用此包您将获得 12 种全新的完全详细的高分辨率材质样式。

Required Products: dForce Deception Dress G8G8.1F

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dForce – Fay Gown for G8Fs


A sweet little regency gown for your historic renders, or as a modern-day cottagecore style summer dress.


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dForce – Heatwave for G8F


dForce – Heatwave for G8F.

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dForce Casual Craze for Genesis 8 Male(s)


A nice outfit for Genesis 8 Male that contains a shirt, pants, shoes, a bowtie, suspenders and a beret.

一套适合 Genesis 8 Male 的漂亮套装,包括衬衫、裤子、鞋子、领结、背带和贝雷帽。

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dForce Fleur Farouche Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females


The dForce Fleur Farouche Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females is the staple of every summer wardrobe as a light and breezy cotton outfit that consists of a spaghetti strap, bustier-style top with side gathers for a flattering feminine fit and an A-line skirt with a flirty bottom frill.

It consists of a top and matching skirt that comes in 3 textures: cotton, lace cotton, and embroidered in various summer colors to give you 10 bright options.

dForce Fleur Farouche 套装适合 Genesis 8 和 8.1 女性,是每个夏季衣橱的必备单品,轻盈透气的棉质套装由细肩带、带侧边褶皱的紧身胸衣式上衣和 A 字裙组成 带有性感的底部褶边。

它由上衣和配套裙子组成,有 3 种质地:棉质、蕾丝棉和刺绣,各种夏季颜色为您提供 10 种明亮选择。

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dForce Florentine Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females


Inject some magic into your renders and artwork with this magical outfit.

From dark mage to lightbringer this outfit comes with a left and right hand soulcrystal staff a seperate soulcrystal prop.

Three texture options are included.




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dForce October Shadow G8F_G8F.1


dforce October Shadow for Genesis 8 Females and Genesis 8.1 Females.

dforce 创世纪 8 女性和创世纪 8.1 女性的十月阴影。

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dForce Pareos Texture Expansion


This texture pack features 12 full material presets, 12 color presets and 6 additional fabric style presets.

此材质包具有 12 个完整材质预设、12 个颜色预设和 6 个额外的织物风格预设。

Required Products: dForce Pareos Pack for Genesis 8 Female(s)

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dForce SunnySweet Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females


Summertime is a time for sun, fun, and days at the beach. You can make it summer year-round for your Genesis 8 female with the dForce SunnySweet Outfit for Genesis 8 & 8.1 Female(s).

夏季是晒太阳、玩乐和在海滩度过美好时光的时候。 穿上适用于 Genesis 8 和 8.1 女性的 dForce SunnySweet 服装,您可以让您的 Genesis 8 女性全年都在夏天度过。

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dForce Sweet Romance Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females


dForce Sweet Romance Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females looks cute on a bright sunny day and can be a dark vision of beauty at the night.

The babydoll dress has a voluminous skirt with lots of laces and puffed off the shoulders of the sleeves. The outfit has also a collar with lace trims, knee-high stockings with bows, lacy panties, and extravagant shoes.

dForce Sweet Romance Outfit for Genesis 8 和 8.1 女性在阳光明媚的日子里看起来很可爱,在晚上可以成为美丽的黑暗视觉。

娃娃装连衣裙的裙摆宽大,带许多花边,袖子的肩部蓬松。 这套服装还有带蕾丝边饰的衣领、带蝴蝶结的及膝长袜、蕾丝内裤和奢华的鞋子。

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dForce Sweet Romance Outfit for Genesis 9


dForce Sweet Romance Outfit for Genesis 9 looks cute on a bright sunny day and can be a dark vision of beauty in the night.

dForce Sweet Romance Outfit for Genesis 9 comes with 13 Material Presets and 6 Custom Color Examples Hierarchical Material Presets.

dForce Sweet Romance Outfit for Genesis 9 在阳光明媚的日子里看起来很可爱,在夜晚可以成为美丽的黑暗景象。

Genesis 9 的 dForce Sweet Romance Outfit 带有 13 个材质预设和 6 个自定义颜色示例分层材质预设。

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EA 555 Rings for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females

3D模型素材合集 DZA3D模型素材合集 2022年11月20日Pack01


Some simple yet cute and easy-going finger rings for our Genesis 8(.1) Female(s)! As a bonus, toe rings are included too.

为我们的 Genesis 8(.1) 女性设计的一些简单而可爱且随和的指环! 作为奖励,还包括脚趾环。

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Elegant Hair for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females


Elegant Hair for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females is a sophisticated and versatile hairstyle that’s carefully crafted using strand-based hair technology.

Included are 8 pose presets, 15 color options utilizing the Blended Dual Lobe Hair Shader, and a variety of style morphs to adjust the final look.

Genesis 8 和 8.1 女性的优雅发型是一种精致且用途广泛的发型,采用基于线束的头发技术精心打造。

其中包括 8 个姿势预设、15 个使用混合双叶头发着色器的颜色选项,以及用于调整最终外观的各种样式变形。

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Fayre Hair for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females


Fayre Hair is a classic long hairstyle designed specifically for Genesis 8 and 8.1 women.

The hairstyle includes 19 styles to choose from and 70 preset hair colors to choose from.

Fayre Hair 是专为 Genesis 8 和 8.1 女性设计的经典长发型。


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Festival Textures for Front Tied Shirt G8F


Festival Textures for Front Tied Shirt G8F by Lilflame.

  • 12 Textures for the Shirt
  • 01 Any Color Texture for the Shirt

Required Products: dForce Front Tied Shirt for Genesis 8 Females

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Four-Wheeled Cart for LoREZ Horse 2


Hauling supplies and people across dirt roads and medieval towns is a job for this four-wheeled cart for the LoREZ Horse 2.

It’s highly detailed with a variety of options that include rear benches, large barrels, small barrels, crates, coffins, wagon parts, and an imposing cage.

It includes a harness for use with 2 horses and a number of poses for walking and trotting while pulling the cart. There are a couple of poses for Genesis 8 Male.

运送物资和人员穿越土路和中世纪城镇是 LoREZ Horse 2 的这辆四轮手推车的工作。


它包括一个供 2 匹马使用的挽具,以及一些用于在拉车时行走和小跑的姿势。 Genesis 8 Male 有几个姿势。

Required Products: LoREZ Horse 2

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HD Bite Marks Bundle for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males


“HD Bite Marks Bundle for Genesis 8 & 8.1 Males” is a package that includes the Bite Mark Base Product and its two texture add-ons.

The HD Morphs and Textures cover a wide range of uses but, more importantly, they all tie together to give you the tools to present different stories.

“用于 Genesis 8 和 8.1 男性的 HD Bite Marks Bundle”是一个包含 Bite Mark Base Product 及其两个纹理附加组件的软件包。


This Bundle includes:

  • HD Bite Marks for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males
  • HD Bite Marks Bruised Add-On for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males
  • HD Bite Marks Infected Add-On for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males

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High fashion Editorial Poses for Genesis 8 Females


Your model has posed for catalogues, swimwear magazines and pinup calendars, but is she ready for the world of high fashion? With these poses inspired by actual magazine spreads, ad campaigns, and poses from top models, she will be.

您的模特已经为产品目录、泳装杂志和海报挂历拍过照片,但她准备好进入高级时装世界了吗? 这些姿势的灵感来自真实的杂志传播、广告活动和顶级模特的姿势,她将成为。

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