3D模型 DAZ3D模型下载 Link Limo

3D模型 DAZ3D模型下载 Link Limo插图


Fancy occasions require fancy cars! That is the aim of the Link limo, a long luxurious ride offering lots of seating for a crowd. Additional amenities include a bar and a small television to aid in comfort.

Featuring movable parts such as:

  • Opening the doors
  • Turning the wheels
  • Turning the steering wheel
  • Flicking the indicators (right side is a gear)
  • Opening the hood
  • Opening the boot
  • Opening the sun roof
  • Opening 4 storage compartments at the front
  • Adjusting the front seat
  • Rotating speedometer needles
  • Driver’s and passenger’s telephone
  • Adjusting the rearview mirror
  • Folding out a cup holder in the back centre seat
  • And closing the divider for privacy in the back area!

There are a few small other separated items for further interaction. A ribbon tie from the front of the hood to the side mirrors is also included (hidden by default) for wedding occasions. Comes in 3 colours: white, black and purple. You can of course colourise to many others.

OBJ included for other use!