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Content Wizard provides unprecedented control for installing products in Daz Studio. Install products where you want!  Create or update Smart Content for any product!  Install products from any vendor and any site. The result of 100s of hours of effort, Content Wizard provides uncompromising control of product installations in Daz Studio:

  • Automatically install product content folders across multiple locations and drives, adapting Daz Studio to your hard drive configuration
  • Generate Smart Content for products, with intelligent analysis of products to reduce the grunt work and guesswork of creating metadata
  • Install products that span more than one zip file
  • Batch install products
  • Generate Self-Installer script with standardized zip files to share with others, as long as you own rights to the original product; the Self-Installer script automatically installs the zip files and installs the Smart Content.

Content Wizard is a merchant resource.