3D模型 Unreal Engine 虚幻资源包 WaterMill Environment

3D模型 Unreal Engine 虚幻资源包 WaterMill Environment插图

Technical Details

Pack includes:
34 building mesh (buildigs, platform, stairs)
137 props mesh (barell, box, bag, door, winwows, etc.)
24 flora mesh (tree, conifer, flower, etc.)
15 rock mesh (cliffs and rocks)
2 animated bird mesh
various water effects
7 sound for that environment
water shader
most of asset have LOD (Asset depending from 1 to 3)
116 materials
37 textures ( from 1024×1024 to 64×64)range tris: max – 8214, min – 2
average tris – 420
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