3D模型 unity3D 资源包 游戏资源包 2D Sci-Fi Platformer

3D模型 unity3D 资源包 游戏资源包 2D Sci-Fi Platformer插图

2D Sci-Fi Platformer contains everything you need to create cutting edge game with beautiful art, animations, and effects.

• 6 Detailed characters cut for animation. Interchangeable armor, helmets and weapons. Editable layers on all character parts, easy to change design, color and shape.

• Weapon Constructor: 120 unique parts including: base, panels, stocks, handles, barrels, magazines and more.

• 22 Premade weapons of different classes and types: pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, heavy weapons and special weapons such as tesla gun, grenades, melee and more.

• World and buildings constructor of more than 100 parts. A variety of foreground and background elements such as ground, stones, crystals, planets, construction platforms, buildings and miscellaneous props.

• More than 30 HUD elements including 15 crosshairs, health and armor bars, icons etc.

All art assets are presented in PSD files with smart objects and structured layers for your convenience.

• Physical based character controller built on unity 2D physics engine with character animations included.

• Weapon controller script with various modes supported: pistol, beam, shotgun, automatic rifle, minigun with the spin-up, melee, and others.

• Parallax example scene featuring all the art assets: movable platforms, hanging cables, base buildings and a nicely scrolling background.

Sound effects are implemented for the sake of WebGL demo purposes only, and not included in the final package.

WebGL Demo tested with Opera 51.0, Firefox 59.0.1, Safari 11.0.3, Chrome 65.0


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