3D模型 Unreal Engine 虚幻资源包 游戏资源包 World Director NPC

3D模型 Unreal Engine 虚幻资源包 游戏资源包 World Director NPC插图

Attention! After upgrading from UE 4.26 to 4.26.1, when the project starts in the editor and finishes, the editor may crash. Please see the documentation on how to get around this.

The WorldDirectorNPC plugin is ideal for creating games where there are many pawns in the world at the same time. The level of your pawns, their location, scale, the rotation will always be preserved, as well as they will always move, even if you are very far away, which creates a simulation of the living world. You can simulate a whole world of thousands of pawns. You can create an entire populated city.

This is a comprehensive system for optimizing a large number of NPCs in locations. WorldDirectorNPC is perfect for creating open-world games of any size. You will no longer have to think about spawning characters and removing pawns if your character has come or gone from the place where the pawns should be. If you spawn pawns near the character and leave this place, the pawns continue to move and they do not affect the FPS. When the character returns to the same location, the pawns return to the world with the same characteristics (health, level.).

Technical Details


  • The system is divided into 4 optimization levels that work simultaneously for the best FPS performance.
  • At level 1 if the pawn is out of the camera’s view, all its components and skeletal meshes are disabled from the render, and a set of optimization measures is applied, such as animation playback and tick rate. While at level 2.3.4, pawns can’t act according to the Behavior Tree, but they can still walk.
  • Massive NPC optimization
  • On my system with an AMD 2700X processor, I achieved 200000+ pawns at 120+FPS.
  • All calculations for hidden pawns at level 2.3.4 occur using multithreading for better FPS.
  • If the pawn is out of the camera’s view, all its components and skeletal meshes are disabled from the render.
  • Doesn’t require knowledge of C ++
  • The plugin is easy to use.

Code Modules:

  •  ADirectorNPC(Type: Runtime)
  •  UNpcDataComponent(Type: Runtime)

Number of Blueprints: 3

Number of C++ Classes: 2

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Win64

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64


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