3D模型 unity3D 资源包 游戏资源包 Ultimate Terrains – Voxel Terrain Engine 地形资源包

3D模型 unity3D 资源包 游戏资源包 Ultimate Terrains – Voxel Terrain Engine 地形资源包插图

Ever wanted to dig true holes in your terrain? Make some caves? Have destructible ground? Or to be able to build up something out of it just like in Minecraft without being limited to cubes? Ever wanted to create worlds that are so big that you can’t even reach the end of it? Ultimate Terrains lets you do all of it out of the box.

Now compatible with HDRP/LWRP!

– Powerful node-based editor to configure terrain generation.
– Fast, optimized, multithreaded, no lag
– Smart pooling to avoid GC allocation at runtime
– Infinite or finite terrains
– Incredible draw distance with LOD system: visible part of the terrain is up to 65536 x 65536 with a voxel size of only 1!
– Real-time, asynchronous editing that does NOT lag! You control the FPS.
– Renders any kind of shapes (mountains, hills, caves, overhangs, etc.) and can handle both cubical and smooth terrains. No limit. And unlike Marching Cubes, Dual Contouring can handle sharp edges and corners.
– Editor Tool to generate and edit the terrain within the scene view just like a normal terrain.
– Highly customizable. You can create your own generators and your own operations by implementing some interfaces in C#.
– Procedural generation thanks to modules such as Perlin noise, Simplex, Ridged multifractal, etc. You can create your own modules.
– Heightmap support. If you already have a terrain you can use its heightmap instead of restarting from scratch.
– PBR triplanar shader included, but you can use custom materials.
– True biome system
– Simple async voxel-based path finder
– Grass generator
– Tree spawner system
– GPU instanced details object system
– Dynamic saving & loading, even at runtime
– Easy network synchronization
– Includes ALL SOURCES in C#

Included Shaders:
– Standard PBR triplanar supporting up to 6 textures (source code included)
– SRP (HDRP/LWRP) PBR triplanar shader supporting up to 6 textures (shadergraph included)

Included Operations:
– Sphere
– Paint
– Additive Sphere
– Axis-aligned Cube
– Capsule
– Cylinder
– Parallelepiped
– Smooth
– Sharpen


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