3D模型 unity3D 资源包 游戏资源包 CGF + SSS Bundle

3D模型 unity3D 资源包 游戏资源包 CGF + SSS Bundle插图

CGF 5 Features Include:
– Full 3D/2D Support
– Four Different Physics Shapes: Sphere, Box, Capsule, and Raycast
– Six Different Force Types: Force at Point, Force, Torque, Explosion Force, Gravitational Attraction, Velocity, and Angular Velocity
– Five Different Force Modes: Force, Impulse, Velocity Change, Acceleration, Lerp Velocity
– Emit Force from Closest Collider allowing you to pick the shape of the force.
– Velocity Damping and Angular Velocity Damping
– Effects Like Align to Force and No Gravity
– Non-Alloc Physics Support
– Version 5 Demo Scenes MainMenu, Car v2, Hovercraft v2, Marble
– Version 1-4 Demo Scenes Car, Car 2D, FPS, Hand, Hovercraft, Menu, Pinart, Planets, Planets 2D, Rocket, Rocket 2D, Vortex, Vortex 2D, Homing, and Pivot.
– GameObject, Tag, Layer, and Bounds, and Physical Materials filtering
– Events/SendMessage Avalible for CGF
– High Performance and Low Memory
– Fully Customized GUI, Gizmos, and Handles for CGF objects
– Full Source Code
– No DLLs

SSS Features Include:
– Currently Supports all unity joint types, 2D and 3D
– Weapons FPS, & Weapons 2D Demo Scenes
– Parenting Gameobject System on Stick
– Stick on Triggers
– Stick on Impact Velocity
– Stick, UnStick & Break Events Properties
– Stick Recursively through Objects
– GameObject, Tag, and Layer filtering
– Fully Customized Gizmos for SSS
– Full Source Code
– No DLLs


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